6 Facts About Vermont


As part of the New England region of the United States, Vermont is the 49th most populous state in the country. It is bordered by New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and has 14 counties across the state.

Here are six interesting Vermont facts.

    1. About 78% of Vermont’s land is forest, which provides approximately $1.5 billion in revenue for the state annually. (source) As the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, Vermont produces nearly two million gallons of it each year, which not only is enough to fill close to 40,000 bathtubs.
    1. Vermont only has one area code throughout the entire state. (source) The 802 area code is used throughout all of Vermont, and the residents of Vermont are so proud of it that you’ll see those three digits across bumper stickers, t-shirts and even tattoos as well.
    1. Burlington is the largest city in Vermont. (source) The population of Burlington is roughly 42,000, and is just 45 miles south of the United States-Canada border. Interestingly enough, across the United States, Burlington is also the least-populous city that also is the most-populous city in its own state.
    1. High school students in Vermont receive more homework than those in any other state. (source) In a study conducted in 2021, it was found that Vermont gives an average of 110 minutes of homework a day to high school students, which was the most in the United States. The only three other states that exceeding more than 100 minutes daily on average were Maine (107.2), West Virginia (102) and Louisiana (102).
    1. Billboards are illegal in Vermont. (source) Vermont banned billboards back in 1968, and became the second state ever to do so following Hawaii. The reasoning behind the move was that the state wanted to preserve the natural beauty of the state by having no commercial logos on billboards along the roads. Maine and Alaska would both follow suit by 1998.
    1. In terms of square miles, Vermont is the 8th smallest state in America. (source) At 9,249 square miles, Vermont is one of only nine states in the United States that are under 10,000 square miles, along with Maryland (9,775), New Hampshire (8,969), Massachusetts (7,838), New Jersey (7,419), Hawaii (6,423), Connecticut (4,845), Delaware (1,955) and Rhode Island (1,034).

Vermont has so much rich history! Do you have any more fun facts to share about the Green Mountain State?

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