9 Cool Facts About California


California has always been the laid back, carefree state of sunshine. If you were headed to California in the early days, you were either looking for fame, fortune or both. One of the richest California facts is that the gold rush, which began in 1848, brought around 300,000 people out west looking to strike it big. Since then, this mesmerizing state has drawn many more looking to live a life of affluence and prosperity. Read on for some more fun facts about California that may make you want to book your own trip soon!

9 Interesting California Facts

  1. California is the most populous state. (source) According to estimates made in 2020, California’s population boasts 40 million people. This is much larger than the next most populous state, Texas, with a population of 29 million.
  1. The state of California boasts the highest peak in America. (source) Mount Whitney is 14,500 ft / 4,418.69 m tall.
  1. In 1902, the earliest permanent movie theater in the state of California was built in Los Angeles. (source) Thomas Tally’s Electric Theater was the first location devoted entirely to projected movies on a screen. Before this, films were shown in improvised spaces and through through coin operated machines.
  1. The world’s largest tree is located in California. (source) The General Sherman Tree is the largest tree on the entire globe measured by volume. It is 275 ft (83 m) tall and over 36 ft (11 m) at the base in diameter.
  1. California has the largest economy in the United States. (source) The state of California has roughly the same size economy as France with nearly $2.54 trillion in output.
  1. The most expensive real estate per square foot is located in California. (source) In Palo Alto, CA, a single square foot of real estate will cost you $4,196 dollars.
  1. Almonds are California’s biggest agricultural export. (source) With $5.14 billion in sales in 2015, Almonds brought in more than 3x the amount than California’s wine exports that same year. The state produces 80% of the entire world’s almonds.
  1. California is the only US state that has hosted both the summer (1932, 1984) and 1960 winter Olympics. (source) They will also be hosting a 4th time with the 2028 Summer Olympics in LA.
  1. California’s almost 40 million residents make up about 1/8th of America’s population. (source) That is more than the entire population of Canada.

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