6 Striking Facts About Satellites


Did you know that at any given time, right above our heads, there are thousands of satellites orbiting around the globe? These satellites may be used by government surveillance, military operations, or even civilian purposes. One of the most interesting facts about satellites is that without them, millions of people would not have access to the internet, GPS or even television. Satellites allow us to observe Earth from space and are an important part of developing space exploration technology. Read on for more out-of-this-world satellite facts.

6 Incredible Facts About Satellites

    1. There are more than 8,029 operational satellites currently in orbit. (source) Some of these burn up in the atmosphere or become space junk when they are no longer in orbit.
    1. Satellites experience extreme hot and cold temperatures while traveling through space. (source) So much so that they need to be built with thermal control systems that protect the electronic components of the satellite.
    1. SpaceX owns and operates the most satellites orbiting Earth. (source) Currently they have 1,655 satellites orbiting the earth and they plan on using them to deliver high-speed broadband Internet access to almost everyone in the world.
    1. Sputnik was the first official satellite launched into space. (source) Launched on October 4th 1957 by the Soviet Union, it sent back the first image of Earth from space.
    1. Satellites can travel up to 17,000 miles per hour and circle the Earth up to 14 times a day. (source) These low-orbit satellites are used for communication because they move so quickly.
    1. On average, the lifespan of a satellite is 9-15 years. (source) The biggest factor that leads to the end of a satellite life span is complete fuel exhaustion.

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