13 Fascinating Facts About Canada


Welcome to the Great White North – Canada, a vast and diverse land known for its breathtaking landscapes, multicultural tapestry, and friendly people. As the second-largest country on Earth, Canada stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and extends its boundaries into the Arctic, encompassing a plethora of natural wonders, from majestic mountains to pristine forests and stunning coastlines.

But Canada is more than just its remarkable geography. With a rich history spanning thousands of years, this nation has grown into a beacon of tolerance, inclusivity, and innovation. From the vibrant metropolises like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal to the tranquil small towns scattered across the provinces, Canada offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition that captivates both residents and visitors alike.

Canada is a country that embraces its past while embracing the future, is a place where diversity thrives, and a place where nature’s beauty knows no bounds.

Here are 13 fascinating facts about Canada!

    1. Canada is home to more than half of all the lakes in the world. (source) In Canada, there are more than three million lakes, including 31,700 big lakes that cover areas of over 300 hectares. Canada is also home to two of the world’s biggest lakes: Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake.
    1. There are 41 national parks and three marine conservation areas in Canada. (source) The country works hard to protect their native wildlife, but various species including Atlantic fish, lynx, and wolves have encountered threads from both overfishing and overhunting.
    1. There’s a town in Canada named Dildo, Newfoundland. (source) Many think it’s just a meme, but yes, it’s actually a real place in eastern Canada.
    1. The world’s longest coastline is in Canada. (source) To walk the entire length of Canada’s coastlne, it would take four and a half years. It’s over 202,000 kilometres long, and it borders the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean, and the Arctic. Canada’s coastline is so big that the second-longest coastline in the world, located in Indonesia, is only just over a fourth of the length of Canada’s.
    1. Canada’s national animal is the beaver. (source) Beavers became the national animal of Canada back in 1975, and they’re even on the Canadian nickel too.
    1. Canada is the most educated country in the world. (source) Over 56% of adults in Canada hold a college degree, which is the highest proportion among developed nations around the world. Following Canada as the most educated countries are Japan, where just above 50% of adults hold college degrees, and Israel at a rate of 49.9% of adults.
    1. Hawaiian Pizza was invented by a man in Ontario, Canada. (source) A Greek-born Canadian named Sam Panopoulous created the very first Hawaiian pizza in 1962 at the Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.
    1. Superman was co-created by a Canadian. (source) While Superman is considered by many to be one of the all-time great Americans, he was actually created in Canada. In the 1930s, Joe Shuster, a Canadian comic book artist collaborated with writer Jerry Siegel to develop Superman, who is perhaps the superhero most associated with DC Comics.
    1. Canada produces the 3rd most palladium in the world. (source) A recent study showed that in 2021, Canada produced 17,000 metric tons of palladium, which was the third most in the world behind only South Africa at 80,000 and Russia with 74,000 metric tons.
    1. Canada’s capital city is the second coldest on the planet. (source) Ottowa, Ontario is the second coldest capital on the planet behind on Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
    1. Since the 1500s, Canada has provided furs, fish and other natural resources to the world. (source) In agricultural production, Canada is one of the leading countries in the world today, telecommunications and energy technologies. The vast majority of Canada’s exports go to the United States.
    1. Toronto is the largest city in all of Canada. (source) With 2.6 million people, Toronto, Ontario is the largest city in Canada, and is the fourth largest city in North America behind only Mexico City, New York City, and Los Angeles.
    1. Canada is larger than the entire European Union. (source) Canada is so big, in fact, that it’s 30% larger than Australia, 15 times bigger than France, 33 times larger than Italy, five times the size of Mexico, three times the size of India, and is even roughly the same size as if you put 81,975 Walt Disney Worlds together.

Canada has such a rich and storied history! If you have any more fun facts about Canada to share, drop them in the comments below!

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