5 Fun Facts About Boise, Idaho


It’s time to fall in love with capital of Idaho. I’m sure that Boise is not on many people’s travel bucket lists, but I’m here to tell you some facts about Boise, Idaho that may just change your mind. Located in southwestern Idaho on a river in which the city gets it’s name, the Boise River. There is something to be said about cities that don’t draw tons of tourists every year. These destinations can make for some unforgettable and unique memories. Read below for some Boise, Idaho facts and see why this city is making it onto lots of lists lately!

5 Boise, Idaho Facts

  1. Forbes has named Boise one of the best cities for young professionals due to it’s super low unemployment rate of 5%, a rich median salary of just under $50,000, and the high percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree. (source)
  1. Boise is also one of the top 20 best U.S. cities for live music. (source) It may be smaller than some other cities on the list, but Boise’s live music scene is anything but. With a bustling live music scene across bars, theaters, and Taco Bell Arena: a 12,000 seat venue on the Boise State University campus.
  1. National Geographic named Boise Idaho one of the top mountain biking towns in the entire country. (source) Boise is home to many bike-related events and activities. Along with the bike community, the city has spent many years perfecting hundreds of miles of trail networks, many of which are accessible right from downtown.
  1. Boise is the #1 top city in the US with the most new small businesses opening. (source) If you haven’t noticed, Boise is on a lot of top city lists!
  1. Boise has also been ranked one of the happiest cities in America. (source) With the best job opportunities, best music scene, best outdoor activities, best small business atmosphere, it is no wonder that Boise has also made the happiest cities in America list.

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