5 Eye-Opening Facts About the Gender Wage Gap


1. In 2022, women earned 84 cents to a man’s dollar.

Despite a decades long fight to eliminate the wage gap and a lot of progress, it still exists. There are many different societal prejudices and problems that get in the way of eliminating it. (source)

2. 7 out of 10 retail cashiers are women, and it’s one of the lowest paying jobs.

One of the lowest paying positions across industries is a retail cashier. Because 70% of cashiers are women, this contributes to women earning less than men. But even among cashiers, males earn more on average than women do. In retail the gap is more significant between salespeople and first line supervisors. (source)

3. Domestic responsibilities drive inequality in the workforce.

One of the reasons many people believe there is a wage gap is because of society’s domestic expectations of women. Mothers are often expected to take on the bulk of childcare tasks as well as household chores. This can lead to them making career choices that result in less money and they face prejudice from employers who believe they won’t be as committed to their job as their male colleagues. (source)

4. The pay gap exists in nearly all positions.

The size of the pay gap may vary greatly between industries, but it’s always present. The positions with the smallest gaps include food workers, writers, counselors, pharmacists, and social workers. Women in these industries earn from 97 to 99% of what their male counterparts do. The positions with the largest gaps include salespeople and financial managers. (source)

5. Without change, the gender pay gap will not close until 2059.

Unless the rate of change speeds up, equality is still decade away. (source)

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