5 Fresh Facts About Ford Motor Company


“To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.” ~ Henry Ford. Since 1903, the Ford Motor Company has been transforming the world through automotive and manufacturing innovations. Let’s drive through some fantastic Ford facts to learn more about this revolutionary cornerstone in American history.

5 Ford Facts

  1. Ford sold 5,176.8 vehicles per day in 2023 in America. (source) That is the second-most number of cars sold per day in the United States after Toyota, although it was very close. Toyota sold just 106 more vehicles per day.
  1. Ford introduced the integrated moving assembly line in 1913. (source) This technology reduced the Model T’s chassis production time from 12.5 to 1.5 hours, dramatically accelerating the speed at which they could be completed and sold. This in turn enabled Ford to produce more cars at lower prices, making driving more accessible to the general population. This production model sparked a revolution in manufacturing across the globe.
  1. Ford developed a portable incubator to reduce infant deaths due to premature birth. (source) In 1941, Ford News reported that one of the greatest causes of infant mortality was premature death, a struggle that plagued rural communities especially. Ford overheard a group of doctors at Henry Ford hospital discussing the development of a portable incubator. He was so impressed that he offered them the services of his design and thermal engineers. Before long. A successful, low-cost incubator was developed, bringing hope to these places.
  1. Ford raced and won one of his cars in 1901, two years before Ford Motor Company was formed. (source) During the 10-mile race, Ford’s car achieved an American speed record of five miles in five minutes and 28 seconds. This victory earned the attention of automotive circles.
  1. Ford paid his workers double the going rate in the 1900s. (source) The average rate for a factory worker was $2.50 a day in 1914. Ford increased his employee’s wages to $5 a day, an unprecedented move. The pay increase boosted morale and satisfaction, which naturally elevated productivity.

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