5 Delightful Facts About Corgis


1. The word corgi means “dwarf dog” in Welsh.

The origin of the corgi’s name is a little murky, but it’s believed to be derived from the Welsh word “gi,” which meaning dog and “cor.” There is some debate over whether “cor” would translate to “dwarf” or “to guard over.” So that means corgi either means guardian dog or dwarf dog. Most people believe it’s the latter. (source)

2. Corgis are herding dogs.

Despite their short stature, corgis make excellent herding dogs. They were intended to herd cattle and use their short size to avoid dangerous kicks from big animals. If you’ve ever seen a corgi run at high speeds then drop and roll, the dog didn’t trip! Their doing a maneuver they were bred for that allows them to roll to escape stomping feet. (source)

3. Legend says that faeries rode corgis into battle.

The corgi is a dog of many legends. Many old Welsh and Celtic stories say that corgis were a gift from faeries who promised their battle-forged dogs would be great at herding. If a corgi nips, legend says an iron collar will curb their behavior since faeries are averse to the metal. (source)

4. Queen Elizabeth II had over 30 corgis in her lifetime.

Queen Elizabeth II might be the person most responsible for making corgis such a wildly popular breed. The Queen was an avid animal lover and spent her free time outdoors. She developed a fondness for corgis and had a hobby breeding perfect little corgis that walked in packs with her. (source)

5. Corgis do a move called “frapping.”

Corgis are a high energy breed and are known for running at high speeds when excited. Many of us know this behavior as “zoomies” but the official name is “frapping.” (source)



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