5 Cool Facts About Cardinals


Cardinals are among the most recognizable birds in the U.S. Known for their striking red color and impressive head plumage, these treasured birds are a delight for any bird enthusiast. While most people can identify them, many don’t know cardinal facts. Read on to learn more facts about cardinals!

5 Cardinal Facts

    1. The cardinal is that state bird of seven U.S. states. (source) Cardinals are the state bird of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. That makes it the most popular state bird in the country!
    1. Cardinals are known as winter birds because they are non-migratory. (source) Cardinals are often associated with winter as they do not migrate south when the weather turns cold. They also do not molt into dull colors, making their red feathers all the more vibrant in the winter.
    1. The cardinal is the mascot of two professional U.S. sports teams and countless colleges. (source) The St. Louis Cardinals (MLB) and Arizona Cardinals (NFL) chose the iconic red bird as their mascot. Many colleges including the University of St. Louis, Ball State University, Illinois State University, and the University of Louisville have also adopted the cardinal as their mascot.
    1. Cardinals are monogamous. (source) Bird mating habits vary by species, but cardinals are known to mate for life!
    1. Both male and female cardinals can sing. (source) In most species, male birds are the ones that sing. However, both male and female cardinals are known for their songs.

Keep an eye out for these incredible birds to visit your backyard!

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