5 Charming Facts About the Hotel Industry


Hospitality for travelers has existed since early civilizations. In Greco-Roman and ancient Persian cultures, hospitals for rest and recovery were built around thermal baths. During the Middle Ages, religious orders offered accommodation to wayfarers in monasteries and abbeys. The precursor to modern hotels was the inn of medieval Europe, possibly dating back to Ancient Rome. Inns would provide food, lodging, stabling, and fodder for travelers and their horses. Since then, the hotels and hospitality have become a $1.2 trillion dollar industry! Here are 5 hotel industry facts to tickle your fancy:

5 Hotel Industry Facts

    1. There are at least 187,000 hotels in the world. (source) Within those hotels, there are an estimated 17.5 million guest rooms.
    1. The Marriott International hotel chain has the most rooms in total. (source) Marriott International has over 1.4 million hotel rooms around the globe! Marriott International also ranks first for revenue, making $20.77 billion in 2022.
    1. The tallest hotel in the world is the 1,168 feet (356-meter) Gevora Hotel in Dubai. (source) It took around twelve years to build, costing approximately 500 million AED (or $136,132,210 USD).
    1. Geneva has the most expensive hotel market in the world. (source) The average daily rate is nearly $308. The most expensive hotel market in the United States is Boston, with an average daily rate of $262.
    1. The world’s oldest hotel has been in business for over 1000 years. (source) Not only is it the oldest hotel in the world, it has been run by 52 generations of the same family! Founded in 705 A.D., The Nishiyama Onsen Keuinkan is a Japanese resort near Mount Fuji. It offers breathtaking views, traditional Japanese style décor, and luscious hot springs. Rooms begin at $408 a night.

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