There’s Nothing Artificial About These 5 Facts About AI Law


AI is developing at a breakneck pace and world governments have to move fast to keep up. Around the world, government officials are developing policies and strategies to make sure our AI future is full of benefits instead of risks.

5 Intelligent AI Law Facts

1. The United States leads the way in AI legislation and strategy.

The US has developed 82 policies and strategies to regulate AI use and research. They’ve put the most effort into creating government policies, which encompasses rules about AI in the public sector, consultation with AI experts, and the formation of monitoring bodies for AI usage. (source)

2. The European Union’s AI Act is the world’s first official governmental AI policy.

The AI Act protects its citizens from things like unacceptable risks of AI use and research, which includes biometric identification, social scoring, and behavioral manipulation. (source)

3. California tech companies are fighting against over regulation.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about reining in the development of AI. Many Silicon Valley tech representatives are against constraints that will slow down their research development, arguing instead for innovation to allow the tech to thrive. (source)

4. Experts fear that the development of AI will outpace government legislation.

One of the biggest challenges to creating AI laws is how quickly this technology is developing. It’s a real fear that policies and legislation can’t keep up with AI’s changing capabilities. This could lead to many scary outcomes, like leaving important systems open to cyberattacks. (source)

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