5 Mobile Phone Facts


Have you ever met someone without a mobile phone? Depending on your age, it is highly possible that everyone you know is equipped with a handy-dandy mobile device. Cell phones practically run the world now – from texting, social media, banking, conference calls, photography, scheduling, dating, and beyond, cell phones truly do it all. We rounded up some fun facts about mobile phones to share (that you are probably reading off your phone!):

5 Facts About Mobile Phones

    1. 97% of Americans own a cellphone of some kind. (source) 85% own a smartphone, which is up 35% from Pew Research Center’s first survey of smartphone ownership in 2011.
    1. Equatorial Guinea has the most expensive data in the world. (source) One gigabyte of data costs an average of $49.67! Compare this to the world average of $4.07. That’s over 10 times as much!
    1. The world’s first smartphone went on sale in 1994. (source) Created by the tech company IBM, the first smartphone was named Simon. It featured a touch screen, email capability, and apps such as a calculator and sketchpad. Unfortunately, it had only an hour of battery life.
    1. 74% of Americans feel uneasy leaving their phone at home. (source) This is according to a survey conducted by Reviews.org. An impressive 70% check their phones within 5 minutes of receiving a notification!
    1. A fear of being without your cell phone is called nomophobia. (source) This phenomenon is becoming more widespread! An English study discovered that 64% of undergraduate students in Health Services were at risk for developing nomophobia.

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