5 Fantastic Facts About Frozen


Whether you’re a fan of the 2013 film Frozen (and its 2019 sequel), you have children that can recite the films from memory, or you’ve just been alive the past decade, you’re likely to have had “Let It Go” stuck in your head more than once. Regardless of whether you’ve never seen the original film or have watched it dozens of times, you may not have heard these Frozen facts before. Read on to hear some little-known facts about Frozen to help you enjoy this popular movie even more.

5 Facts about Disney’s Frozen

    1. The scene where Elsa creates her ice palace took 9 months to complete. (source) Even though it only takes Elsa 36 seconds to create the ice palace in the film, each frame of the scene took 30 hours to create.
    1. Frozen has been in development since the 1930s. (source) Disney had been in talks with producer Samuel Goldwyn in the 1930s about creating some of author Hans Christian Andersen’s stories to life, including The Snow Queen, which is what Frozen is based on.
    1. Its most famous song, “Let It Go,” won an Academy Award and a Grammy. (source) From Elsa’s modern classic “Let it Go” to Anna’s “Love is an Open Door”, the quotes and lyrics from the film are already timeless classics.
    1. Jennifer Lee, the director of Frozen, was the first female director of a Disney animated film. (source) Jennifer later went on to direct Frozen II and short film Frozen Fever for Disney.
    1. A live reindeer was brought into the studio for animators to study. (source) If you’re a Frozen fan, you know Sven the reindeer is one of the most beloved characters. During production, a real reindeer was brought in for the animators to study and sketch to create a realistic version of Sven.

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