6 Nefarious Waluigi Facts


Waluigi is so evil that he even has it right in his name. Did you know that “Waluigi” literally translates to “bad Luigi?” The dastardly villain in the purple hat hasn’t always been one of Nintendo’s main characters, but has definitely had representation in several Nintendo titles from over the years. Here are five terrifying facts about Waluigi, who is otherwise known as the evil Luigi.

6 Malicious Facts About Waluigi

    1. Waluigi was created just so Wario could have a partner in Mario Tennis. (source) Waluigi’s debut came in the 2000 release of Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. Because Wario doesn’t have any friends and it’s a well-known fact that he loves garlic, he didn’t have a Doubles partner for the court. Nintendo already had an evil Mario in the form of Wario, so it only made sense to create an evil Luigi.
    1. In Nintendo Monopoly, Waluigi is the cheapest spot. (source) The disrespect that Nintendo continues to show Waluigi is criminal. It’s no different in Nintendo Monopoly either. In the game, what is normally Mediterranean Avenue on a traditional Monopoly board, is now the space for Waluigi. At $60, this is the cheapest and least profitable spot in the game. Some would say this makes sense.
    1. There’s a conference room at the Oregon Nintendo Office named after Waluigi. (source) Waluigi may not be Nintendo’s favorite character (and do they ever make that known), but he actually has a conference room named after him at Nintendo’s office in Oregon. He’s in elite company with Toad.
    1. During Waluigi’s development, he was originally going to be female. (source) Originally, Waluigi was originally going to be an evil version of Princess Peach called “Warupichi.” Ultimately, the idea was dismissed by Shigeru Miyamoto. We needed an evil Luigi anyway.
    1. To date, Waluigi has appeared in more than 40 Nintendo titles. (source) While Waluigi certainly isn’t one of Nintendo’s lead characters, he still has appeared in several games over the last 21 years. He has appeared in several popular Nintendo series over the years including Mario Party and Mario Kart.
    1. In 2018, Waluigi got his own unofficial title for the Nintendo 64. (source) 16 years after the Nintendo 64 came to an end, a rom hack of Super Mario 64 was released, titled Waluigi’s Taco Stand. In the game, the story is that Waluigi lost all of his money gambling, and now has to work at a Koopa Troopa’s taco stand to make his rent. It’s a relatively short game, and it’s even playable on actual Nintendo 64 hardware.

The world is only big enough to handle one evil Luigi. Do you have any scary Waluigi facts to share?


Featured image photo credit: Dave Mathis, 2017. Originally found on Flickr. Image was resized and cropped. Creative Commons 2.0.

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