5 Facts About ColecoVision


In 1982, the crowded video game market was introduced to Coleco’s ColecoVision, which was a second-generation home video game console that prided itself on its ability to bring the arcade experience home through its ports. However, while the ColecoVision saw much success early on, its run would be very short lived.

Here are five fun ColecoVision facts, which was one of the earliest home video game consoles.

    1. There were just 145 games released for the ColecoVision. (source) Some of the more popular titles on the console were Donkey Kong, Antarctic Adventure, Miner 2049er, Zaxxon, Q*Bert and Frogger. The ColecoVision was famous for how many arcade titles they ported right into your living room.
    1. The ColecoVision had one of the most unique controllers ever in gaming. (source) The controller for the ColecoVision was about the same size as a large TV remote control, and was made of the same black plastic that the home console itself was made with. The controllers also had what looked and felt like a telephone cord, which expand and compress back, depending on far you were away from the console itself. Not only that, but the controller had a joystick at the top, along with 14 buttons – 11 of which were single digits, the star and the pound sign. It looked like you were holding a phone!
    1. Coleco paid Nintendo $250,000 for the rights to release ‘Donkey Kong’ on the ColecoVision. (source) In 1982, when Coleco released the ColecoVision, the specs on the console were considered to be incredible for the time, especially in Coleco’s ability to simulate the arcade experience. To push this even further, Coleco was able to secure the rights to Donkey Kong, and even included it as the pack-in game for those who purchased a ColecoVision.
    1. The ColecoVision was on its way to becoming the most successful console in history, until the collapse of the video game industry ended everything. (source) Over the course of the ColecoVision’s very short lifespan, the popular home video game console not only broke expectations, but it crushed sales records. However, the video game industry collapse that happened in 1983 and throughout 1984, along with the unwise move to try and convert the ColecoVision into a home computer, the console saw its run come to and end.
    1. The lifespan of the ColecoVision was very short. (source) The ColecoVision was released in 1985, but it was discontinued in 1985. Despite having the largest library of games at the time by being compatible with Atari 2600, the home console still wasn’t able to keep up with the competition of the Intellivision or the Atari 2600 itself.

IGN once named the ColecoVision has the 12th greatest video game console ever, and said “its incredible accuracy in bringing current-generation arcade hits home.” If you have any more fun facts to share on the short-lived ColecoVision, let us know in the comments below!


Featured image photo credit: Fritz Saalfeld, 2006. Originally found on Wikimedia.org. Image was resized and cropped. Creative Commons 2.5.

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