5 Facts About Mississippi


For at least 12,000 years, people have lived on the land that is now known as the U.S. state of Mississippi. It would be later on 1861 that Mississippi would become the second state in the country to withdraw from the Union, but would later rejoin it five years after the conclusion of the Civil War in 1870. Mississippi is one of the most controversial states in the United States, but it also is rich with very unique history.

Here are five fascinating facts about the state of Mississippi!

    1. More than half of Mississippi is covered by forests. (source) About 65% of Mississippi is encompassed by forests, making it one of the state’s major resources. In Mississippi, the hickory and oak woods are used for flooring and furniture due to their amazing grain. Not only that, but within the forests of Mississippi is very-fertile soil which is another outstanding resource for the state as it helps to produce sweet potatoes, soybeans, and other crops.
    1. Residents of Mississippi attend church more than those in any other state in the country. (source) In Mississippi, there are more churches per capita than in any other U.S. state, and the largest Bible-binding plant in the country is located right in Greenwood, Mississippi.
    1. More than 50% of America’s farm-raised catfish comes is produced in Mississippi. (source) The “Catfish Capital of the World” is a nickname for Belzoni, Mississippi. Other states that are top catfish-producing locations, behind Mississippi, include Texas, Arkansas, and Alabama.
    1. Root Beer was created in Mississippi. (source) Root Beer became extremely popular and saw massive sales in the 1920s during the U.S. prohibition period. It was created by Edward Adolf Barq in 1898, and his popular creation would become known as Barq’s root beer. The drink itself was popular with miners as far back as the 1870s, but it didn’t gain popularity until the newer version was created by Barq in Biloxi, Mississippi.
    1. Mississippi has the least strict gun laws in the United States. (source) While California has the highest total number of gun safety policies adopted with 45, Mississippi has the least with three, making it the U.S. state with the most lenient gun laws. In Mississippi, the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights is also rejected by the state’s gun laws, and there’s currently no gun legislation in place as it pertains to regulating the gun industry and associated products, and guns are not outlawed in public places.

Mississippi was the 20th state in the United States, and it has such a fascinating history in so many ways. If you have any more fun facts to share about the state of Mississippi, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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