10 Glorious Facts About Japan


Japan is a series of islands, also known as an archipelago, off the eastern coast of Asia that consists of over 4,000 different islands. The islands themselves are mountainous and mostly countryside. The most famous mountain being Mt. Fuji (keep reading for more facts about this incredible mountain and other Japan facts). Japanese is the country’s national language. Its closest neighbors are Russia, China, and Korea. Japan is home to many different and fascinating wild animal species such as the Japanese macaque monkey. 10 more facts about Japan await you below:

10 Amazing Japan Facts

    1. Japan is home to the oldest running company in the world. (source) Kongō Gumi is a construction company that built Buddhist temples in Japan since the year 578.
    1. Japan has the oldest life expectancy of any country in the world. (source) This is thought to be in part to their healthy lifestyle, low obesity rates, and diet of fish, vegetables, and rice.
    1. The world’s shortest escalator is located in Japan! (source) The record-breaking escalator is only 83.4 cm, contains 5 steps and takes just 4.6 seconds to descend.
    1. Japan is the only modern country in the world who has an Emperor. (source) Although the emperor holds no power, they are defined as “the symbol of the State and of the unity of the People” and perform many ceremonies and formal functions.
    1. Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It is also Japan’s most popular tourist site. (source) A whopping 200,000 people climb to Mt. Fujis summit every single year.
    1. You can find square watermelons in Japan! (source) Farmers in Japan have grown them this way for over 40 years for better storage in small Japanese refrigerators.
    1. Japan is known as “the Land of the Rising Sun.” (source) The Chinese started referring to Japan as 日本 which translates to “the sun’s origin” because from their perspective geographically, Japan was located directly in the direction of the sunrise every day. At the start of the 7th century, Japan sent correspondence to China that read, “From the Emperor of the land of the rising sun to the Emperor of land of the setting sun.”
    1. The world’s largest fish and seafood market is located in Japan. (source) Tsukiji fish market sells around 3,000 tons of seafood daily.
    1. Japan has the largest city in the world: Tokyo. (source) Tokyo is both the largest in population and in land area.
    1. Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan both to play and spectate. (source) Hideki Matsui, of the New York Yankees, is the country’s most famous baseball player.

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