Try to Focus on These 4 Facts About Attention Spans


Paying attention is not as easy as it sounds, especially in the age of social media. With constant distractions around every corner, it’s no wonder that people are having trouble with their attention spans. Read on to learn 4 incredible attention span facts!

4 Focus-Worthy Attention Span Facts

1. One of the most effective ways to improve your attention span is to put away your devices. (source)

Social media and screen time come up over and over again in the discussion of shrinking attention spans. Many researchers have proven that the ding of a notification can completely shatter concentration. Because attention is often goal-directed, technology introduces many ways to pull focus and direct us off track.

2.Reduced stress, getting enough sleep, and practicing mindfulness can improve attention span. (source)

There are plenty of physiological aspects of our brains that affect our attention span. Making sure we reduce stress and sleep enough keeps our brain in top shape. Mindfulness increases our ability to remain in the moment and it’s a great way to hone the attention span.

3. It’s possible to train your attention span and improve it. (source)

Apps like Brainscape are made to help people improve study habits and attention spans. They use methods like spaced repetition and metacognition to measurably improve attention spans.

We are often made to multitask which disrupts attention. At work, we are often overburdened. We might find ourselves in a video meeting, then get interrupted by an urgent email landing in our inbox.

4. Time spent working from home after the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging for many people. (source)

It’s difficult to work with interruptions from pets, children, roommates, and spouses. But our attention span isn’t meant to persist through these interruptions. Sometimes when we feel like our attention spans are weak, we’re just having normal reactions to a difficult situation.

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