5 Wonderful Wedding Facts


Weddings around the world weren’t always based on love. One of the unfortunate facts about weddings is in the early days, a wedding would be decided depending upon the security that could be provided. In fact, most brides before the 19th century were chosen based only on their economic worth alone rather than true love. In some cultures, arranged marriage is still happening. For the most part, in today’s age, people get to decide who they want to marry. Wedding traditions and customs can greatly vary between cultures, religions, countries and social classes. Learn more wedding facts below:

5 Facts About Weddings

  1. The phrase “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe” is to symbolize continuity, optimism for the future, borrowed happiness, fidelity, and wealth or good luck. (source)
  1. The longest recorded marriage lasted 91 years and 12 days. (source) Daniel & Susan Bakeman were married for 91 years (1772-1863) and they were together from the ages of 12 and 14.
  1. Ending the ceremony with a kiss, according to ancient Rome, is the legal bond that seals the contract. (source)
  1. The tradition of carrying the bride across the threshold after the wedding is to protect her from evil spirits. (source) Ancient Romans believed that evil spirits hovered at the threshold of the couple’s new home, so the bride had to be lifted through the doorway to ensure that the spirits couldn’t enter her body through her feet.
  1. The wedding cake serves more than just dessert. It is also a symbol of good luck and fertility. (source) A small bun, which symbolized fertility, was broken above the bride’s head at the end of the ceremony, and guests would pick up crumbs for good luck.

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