5 Noble Facts About Nursing


Nursing is one of the most important and respected professions in the world. Nurses are responsible for the care of patients to ensure that they attain or recover their optimal quality of life. As important as they are, many people don’t know many nursing facts or how much they really do. Nurses make up a majority of healthcare professionals around the world. Keep reading to learn some interesting facts about nursing!

5 Nursing Facts

    1. Florence Nightingale was the founder of the modern nursing profession. (source) During the Crimean War between 1853-1856, Nightingale was in charge of helping wounded British and allied soldiers at all hours of the day, earning her the nickname of the “Lady with the Lamp.”
    1. 59% of all healthcare professionals are nurses. (source) According to the World Health Organization, there are around 28 million nurses around the world, more than 19 million of which are professional nurses.
    1. Registered nurse anesthetists have the highest average salary in the United States. (source) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a nurse anesthetist is $152,608 annually.
    1. Nurse practitioners have the fastest-growing jobs with the least change of replacement by automation. (source) Nurse practitioner job growth is expected to increase 45.7% by 2031. The profession also has a 0% chance of being replaced by automation or artificial intelligence right now.
    1. Nurses walk an average of 4 miles in a 12-hour shift. (source) Nurses often have to cover a lot of ground during their shifts and can average 1/3 of a mile of walking per hour.

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