Know Before You Go: Facts About National Park Dangers

The National Parks are some of the most best places in the U.S. to explore, but they don’t come without their dangers. Before you visit one of the 63 National Parks across the United States, learn more about the dangers that you may face and make sure to be prepared for any situation!

Dangerous National Park Facts

1. The most dangerous park is North Cascades National Park in Washington.

North Cascades has the highest number of deaths of any National Park. This is due to a few factors, but the most significant is the remote location. It’s difficult for search and rescue teams to reach mountaineers in peril in this challenging mountain range. (source)

2. The weather in places like Rocky Mountain National Park can change quickly for the worse.

Many National Parks have extreme weather conditions that put visitors at risk of hypo or hyperthermia if they aren’t prepared. For example, Rocky Mountain National Park is accessed through the town of Estes Park which can be much warmer and sunnier than the mountains within the borders of the National Park. The higher the elevation, the greater the chance of snow and freezing temperatures. Hikers that experience a sunny 70 degree day in Estes Park don’t always climb into the mountains prepared for the cold. (source)

3. The most dangerous hike is Angels Landing in Zion National Park.

Angels Landing is an extremely popular hike, which is part of what makes it dangerous. These narrow trails border steep drop offs that many hikers aren’t ready to navigate, especially after the easy ascent which suddenly becomes a challenging surprise. As of 2021, thirteen people have died on this hike, which is full of deadly fall risks. (source)

4. Many of the most dangerous national parks are in Alaska.

Several of the most dangerous parks in the country are in the state of Alaska. Extreme wilderness with a lack of roads, harsh weather, and dangerous animals like grizzlies and polar bears can all contribute to the dangers found in this wild and beautiful state. (source)


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