6 Fascinating Facts About The Pacific Ocean


How well do you know the oceans? More specifically, the Pacific Ocean. Test your knowledge of the largest body of water in the world with these facts about the Pacific Ocean that are sure to fascinate you. With these Pacific Ocean facts you’ll learn about the origins of this ocean, as well as the terrifying truths of what lies within it.

6 Fascinating Pacific Ocean Facts

  1. The Pacific Ocean’s name means peaceful. (source) When explorer Ferdinand Magellan found the Pacific Ocean he called it ‘Mar Pacifico’ for how peaceful the waters were at the time.

  1. There are 25,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean. (source) The Pacific Ocean’s thousands of islands include both high islands, made up of flora and fauna, and low islands which are made up of coral.

  1. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean. (source) The Pacific Ocean covers 60 million square miles, making it the largest ocean in the world.

  1. The Pacific Ocean is the deepest ocean. (source) The deepest part of the ocean is called the Challenger Deep and is located under the western Pacific Ocean, reaching depths of 36,200 feet.

  1. The Pacific Ocean contains the most active volcanoes. (source) The ‘Ring of Fire’ is a path of active volcano and frequent earthquakes that runs through the Pacific Ocean and contains 75% of all volcanoes on Earth.

  1. The Pacific Ocean is shrinking. (source) The Pacific Ocean shrinks at a rate of 0.19 square miles each year due to tectonic plate movement, while the Atlantic Ocean is expanding every year.

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