5 Outstanding Facts About Ohio


Ohio is for lovers – and small businesses! Ohio may not be a state you think of often unless you are from there or you live there, so let’s dive into an oasis of Ohio facts to get to know the “Buckeye State!”

5 Outstanding Ohio Facts

  1. No one is sure where Ohio’s name originated, but some experts believe it came from the Iroquois word “oyo”. (source) “Oyo” roughly translates to “the great river”, referring to the current Ohio River. The river begins in present-day Pennsylvania, where the Iroquois resided.
  1. Ohio is a great place to start a small business. (source) Ohio was determined to be the best place to start a small business according to this Small Business Index. It has a 0% corporate tax rate, low commercial electric bills, and relatively high business survival rates.
  1. Ohio has the only non-rectangular shaped state flag. (source) Ohio adopted its burgee-shaped flag in 1902, nearly a century after Ohio became a state in 1803.
  1. Ohio’s state pet is a shelter pet! (source) In 2019, Ohio named the shelter pet as its official state pet with the goal of raising awareness for the many cats and dogs waiting for a home in shelters across the state.
  1. Ohio has many red things for state symbols. (source) Ohio’s state flower is a carnation, its state bird is a cardinal, its state insect a ladybug, its state fruit a tomato, and its state beverage is tomato juice! Its state historical architectural structure is a barn, which are often red as well!

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