5 Notable Facts About Nepal


The country of Nepal is located in South Asia, landlocked by China to the north and India by to the south, east, and west. It is home to a rich culture and is well known for its proximity to Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. However many Nepal facts you think you may know, these tidbits about the South Asian country may come as a surprise. Read on for a selection of fun facts about Nepal!

5 Nepal Facts

  1. Nepal is home to one of only two Mount Everest base camps. (source) There are two ways to start a climb of Mount Everest – one in Nepal, and the other in Tibet. The base camp in Tibet is called South Base Camp and is located at an elevation of 17,598 feet.
  2. The flag of Nepal is the third-oldest in continuous use in the world. (source) In addition to being in continuous use since 1743, it is also the only irregularly-shaped flag in the world. It is composed of two pennants with sun and moon emblems.
  3. Nepal has the highest percentage of Hindus in the world. (source) According to available data, 81.19% of Nepalese citizens practice Hinduism. The population of Hindus is slightly more than that of India, which is 79.8%.
  4. The yeti is rumored to live in the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal. (source) Stories have been told about the yeti (the mythical creature that supposedly lives in the Himalayan mountain range between Tibet, China, India, Bhutan, and Pakistan) for many years. The name yeti is derived from the Tibetan term for “rock bear.”
  5. The cow is the national animal of Nepal. (source) Cows are sacred to the Hindu religion and were officially named the national animal of the country in 2015.

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