5 Intriguing Facts You Never Knew About Dentistry


Dentistry may not seem like the most exciting topic in the world, but when you really start to dig deep and learn more about this field you’ll be surprised at all of the interesting facts about dentistry you will find! From the early years of dentistry to how it affects public health today, there’s a lot to uncover with these 5 dentistry facts.

5 Facts About Dentistry

    1. In Medieval times, barbers acted as dentists. (source) Physicians did not extract painful teeth, instead barbers performed the act as they already owned the sharp tools that were necessary to do so.
    1. Pierre Fauchard is known as “the father of modern dentistry”. (source) He was a French physician that became a pioneer in the field of dentistry by inventing his own dental tools, writing the first texts about dentistry, and even being the first in Europe to treat cavities with dental fillings.
    1. The average salary of a dentist is $236,077. (source) A career as a dentist can be very lucrative with the average salary amounting to over $200K in the United States, the average salary for a dental hygienists was found to be $82,115.
    1. Tooth decay is the most common noncommunicable disease in the world. (source) Dental caries, also known as tooth decay, is a major public health problem that affects over 2.3 billion people and 560 million children across the planet.
    1. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. (source) The enamel on your tooth is 96% densely packed minerals, the most mineral that any tissue in the body creates. Tooth enamel also earns a 5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it as hard as steel.

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