5 Compelling Facts About Connecticut


You may not know some of these interesting Connecticut facts! For instance, did you know that Connecticut officially became a U.S. state in 1788, making it the 5th state? It’s also the 3rd smallest state by size at 4,845 square miles. Read on for more fascinating facts about Connecticut!

5 Connecticut Facts

    1. Connecticut is home to the first hamburger sandwich served in America. (source) Louis Lassen, founder of Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, is credited with serving the first hamburger sandwich in the country in 1900. It has since become one of the most popular sandwiches!
    1. New Haven had the first telephone book in history in 1878. (source) The telephone book had just 50 listings and contained no actual phone numbers. It was printed on a piece of cardboard and simply listed the names of people and businesses that had telephones.
    1. Connecticut has the highest salary discrepancy between high school graduates and non-graduates. (source) The average high school graduate earns $37,365 per year, while non-graduates earn $25,926. That’s a difference of $11,493!
    1. The Scoville Memorial Library in Salisbury is the first library to be open to the public free of charge. (source) The library’s collection was originally started in 1771 and the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.
    1. The first U.S. can opener originated in Connecticut. (source) In 1958, Waterbury native Ezra J. Warner invented the first can opener in the country. Previously, canned goods were opened with whatever tools were available.

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